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Greenbrier Humane Society Remains Vigilant Throughout Pandemic



Adjusting to life under the cloud of COVID-19 has been difficult for residents of Greenbrier County. Numerous businesses have been forced to close, and many people have seen their jobs disappear. Worst of all, three county-residents have lost their lives to the deadly virus.

The outbreak has turned the last 10 months into a time of frustration and tragedy, the ramifications of which are certain to be felt for years to come. But it is not only people who have been impacted by the pandemic. Greenbrier County’s four-legged population has also had a rough go of it in 2020. Thankfully for them, however, they have someone on their side.

The Greenbrier Humane Society consists of a dedicated group of individuals who are doing all they can to help the county’s furry residents make it through the pandemic. Their facility has remained fully operational, albeit in a very different way.

Darcie McCraw, Director of the Greenbrier Humane Society, said that they’ve had to “completely rethink daily operations in order to make things work.”

McCraw and her team are still facilitating pet-adoptions at their Lewisburg facility. Only now, the approach they take is a bit more personalized. Prospective pet-mommies and daddies are now introduced to their fur-babies privately.

For dogs, these meetings occur in the beautiful outdoor adoption garden. And with cats, the introductions are made in the kitty play room. For those entering the play room, social distancing must be practiced, and all safety guidelines, including the wearing of masks, must be followed.

The Greenbrier Humane Society’s Placement Specialist will assist prospective adopters with finding the pet best suited for them. Adoptions are being done by appointment, and should be scheduled in advance. The standard adoption fee is $85 for dogs, and $65 for cats. Those interested in adoption can contact the Greenbrier Humane Society at (304)645-4775. The facility’s Facebook page is updated daily, and provides an accurate and up to date listing of all animals available for adoption.

Another important service provided by the Humane Society is caring for the Greenbrier Valley’s homeless and abandoned animals. Throughout the pandemic, the facility has continued to in-take the cats and dogs that have nowhere else to go. The Humane Society team would prefer that appointments are made for the dropping off of homeless or abandoned animals. However, they are grateful to anyone who takes the time to help these animals, and understand that it is not always possible to make appointments in advance. Therefore, no one dropping off an animal will be turned away during business hours.

The Greenbrier Humane Society is located at 151 Holliday Lane in Lewisburg. They are open Tuesday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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