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After 40 Years, Local Ambulance Service Shuts Its Doors



After more than 40-years of service to Greenbrier County, Quinwood Emergency Ambulance has closed their doors. On Saturday, October 3, representatives from QEA posted a statement on social media announcing the closure.

“I apologize for not posting this sooner,” the statement reads. “There were some very important people we felt should have heard this news from us and not on Facebook. It has taken me several days to decide how to approach this. There is no easy way to say it. So here it is: Sunday, tomorrow, (October 4) our night crew will work the last scheduled shift. So as of 9:00 Monday morning, October 5, Quinwood Ambulance will no longer be providing service to the communities and patients we have come to love so much.”

The announcement comes after several months of alleged complaints, and concerns regarding delayed response times to medical emergencies. In response to the concerns, County Commissioners opted to divide the western end of Greenbrier County into ‘zones.’ The White Sulphur Springs EMS established a post in Rainelle and began responding to calls in the area, leaving QEA with a significantly smaller coverage area.

QEA addressed both the alleged complaints, and the concerns regarding their response times through their post on social media.

“I know everyone wants answers, but I can’t give you answers. My questions have gone unanswered, too. So I am going to tell you some facts as I know them,” the post states. “QEA has nothing to hide. I have been honest from the beginning. First, it has been stated that the County Commission has had complaints about QEA going back six-years. I have submitted an FOIA request to the County Commission and to the 911 center. The answer I received is ‘there is no list.’ So there is no documentation with specific dates or incidents. Second, it has been stated that QEA has regularly attempted to cover our area with only one truck. When we are called to respond we are required to complete Patient Care Reports, or ‘PCRs.’ There should be one for each response. They are sent to our billing company, and also to the W.Va. Office of Emergency Services. During the time we were down to one truck, we still ran 121 calls. That one truck was on the move almost constantly, and we still had two crews on station so someone could first respond if a critical call came in. These are the facts. I’ll let each of you decide.”

QEA will honor their commitment to provide coverage for all Greenbrier West, Greenbrier Middle School and Western Youth Football and Cheerleading home games this season.

“And if there are playoff games held at West, we will be there to support our Cavaliers!”

The social media post concludes with: “Some of our supporters have posted signs saying ‘Thank you for 40-years.’ 40-years is a long time. In that time we’ve shared joys and sorrows, made cherished friends, and survived more than one natural disaster. You’ve allowed us to be part of your lives and communities. So we are the ones who should say thank you for 40-years.”

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