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Greenbrier County Couple Arrested While Attempting To Distribute Heroin



A Greenbrier County couple was taken into custody on Tuesday, October 6, for charges stemming from a traffic-stop in Rainelle. Cayla Ashton Coronado, 31, and Vincent Ray Coronado, 30, of Roaring Creek Road in Quinwood, were arrested on allegations of child neglect, possession with intent to distribute and conspiracy to commit a felony.

According to the criminal complaint. Vincent Coronado was driving a blue-colored Kia in the vicinity of the GoMart gas station in Rainelle. Nearby police were familiar with Vincent Coronado from previous encounters, and were aware that he was not in possession of a valid driver’s license. Officers then performed a traffic-stop in the Walgreens parking lot. In addition to Vincent Coronado, two other individuals were also in the car. Cayla Ashton Coronado was in the passenger seat, and an undisclosed minor was in the back seat of the vehicle.

According to the criminal report, Vincent Coronado allegedly informed police that he did not have valid insurance coverage, and the license plate displayed on the Kia belonged to a different vehicle. Officers then asked Cayla Coronado if she was in possession of a valid driver’s license, to which she allegedly replied that she did not, the complaint stated. Officers then ordered the driver and both passengers to step out of the vehicle.

According to the report, officers then performed a search of the vehicle. A brown bag was allegedly found in the back seat near to where the minor-passenger had been sitting. Officers discovered several small plastic bags inside the larger brown bag, containing a white powder-like substance. Cayla Coronado allegedly stated that the powder-like substance was heroin, according to the complaint.

Vincent and Cayla Coronado were taken into custody. They, along with the minor, were then transported to the Rainelle Police Department. According to the complaint, Vincent Coronado allegedly admitted to being a drug user, and stated that the heroin was for use by him and Cayla Coronado. According to the complaint, Cayla Coronado contradicted Vincent Coronado’s statement.

The complaint states that Cayla Coronado stated that their intention was to sell the heroin. The complaint alleges that Vincent and Cayla Coronado travelled into Rainelle in order to sell a stamp of heroin to an unknown male suspect for $20. Cayla Coronado further stated that their intention was to sell the heroin with the minor-passenger in the car with them, and that her and Vincent Coronado had allegedly been selling heroin for approximately one month.

According to the complaint, Vincent Coronado’s driver’s license was suspended by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2010. In addition to the charges listed, he was also charged with improper registration, failure to posses motor-vehicle insurance and driving while suspended.

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