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New Spin On Doing Laundry



Opening its doors last April, the new Laundry Lounge in Rupert is bringing affordable and efficient laundry services to the community in a clean and positive environment.
The laundromat serves customers with regular-sized and oversized laundry machines, an attractive lounge area with a flat-screen TV, local cable channels, vending machines, soap and fabric softener, games, and a gumball machine for kids… and adults.

The Laundry Lounge is open from 6 am to midnight every day. The business functions remotely, with streaming cameras for security and a “help” button inside the laundromat where customers can directly contact the owner, Brandon Black.

The Laundry Lounge is excited to bring a needed, affordable service to Rupert and hopes that the laundromat sparks other entrepreneurs to consider opening a business. “I hope it continues to grow and help the people of the community. I also hope it gives other building owners hope that a new business will survive and to take a chance on the community,” says Black.

What else should folks know about the Laundry Lounge? “We appreciate the support from everyone,” notes Black, and “I’m open to ideas or suggestions from everyone… if people have any suggestions, please message me on Facebook.”

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