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Hinton Hardwoods Building Gets New Life



A piece of Hinton’s history is in the process of being restored after the structure began to collapse. Recently, Hinton City Councilman Jim Leslie posted a “thank you” via social media to Candice Helms and the organizations through which the City received grants to complete this project.

Earlier this year, one of Hinton’s historic buildings, the Hinton Hardwoods building, originally New River Grocery, began to collapse. The roof began falling in and the structure became compromised. This building has been a vital part of Hinton’s history. Most locals remember it as a roller rink which was the “hot place” to go on dates, hang out with friends and have birthday parties. More recently, the building served as a woodworking shop that specialized in garden needs. Since that tenant left, the building has been sitting filled only with the equipment left behind and dust.

According to a statement made by Candice Helms on the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia “Preserve WV Stories,” this project has been on her radar for quite some time. She stated that it began in March of 2018 when she was approached by Bryson VanNostrand of VanNostrand Architects about the building. Helms stated that she hoped the sale of the old equipment at auction, would bring in some of the money needed to restore the building. While The City was able to find all of the equipment new homes, the funds raised were “just a drop in the bucket,” Helms said.

Between finding ways to obtain the funding needed and the COVID-19 pandemic, the project has faced many delays. After working towards the goal of being able to repair the building, work is finally underway. According to Councilman Leslie, the contract work includes the removal of collapsed bricks and interior support beams, re-construction of the interior wooden support beams and brick walls as well as a new roof.

For questions or concerns regarding this project reach out to City Hall at 304-466-3255

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