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CDC, FDA Approves Booster For Those 18 And Older



The push for booster shots continues across West Virginia as both the CDC and FDA, last week, approved a third round of COVID-19 vaccinations for all individuals 18 and older.

During his Wednesday, November 17 coronavirus response media-briefing, Gov. Jim Justice, a staunch advocate of the booster shot, said, “There’s no need in us sitting around waiting, and in the meantime, you end up in the hospital. And not only are you really sick, but you could very well be taking a bed away from a stroke victim or a heart attack victim.”

Justice followed up on these remarks during his Friday briefing.

“In the last briefing on Friday, I went off on a bit of a rant about these booster shots,” the governor said. “I’ve been telling you over and over that, if you’re 18 and above and it’s been long enough, you need to get your booster. Sure as the world, this morning the FDA approved boosters for everyone 18 and older.”

Justice concluded his statement by saying “Go to your pharmacy or health center and get that booster shot. Hopefully, this is the encouragement we need to move the needle a little bit.”

Those who have received either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccination a minimum of six months ago, as well as those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine a minimum of two months ago, are eligible to receive the booster. Furthermore, individuals choosing to receive the booster have the ability to select whichever manufacturer they prefer, regardless of which brand was originally administered to them.

As of Saturday, November 20, there are 7,306 active cases of COVID-19 in West Virginia, including 62 in Greenbrier County. 34 cases have been reported in Pocahontas County, 31 in Monroe County, 166 in Fayette County, 219 in Mercer County, 28 in Summers County and 235 in Raleigh County. In total, 4,726 West Virginians have now died as a result of complications stemming from COVID-19. With 892,149 residents having received all required doses, 58.8% of the state has now been fully vaccinated.

At present, 514 West Virginians are hospitalized due to COVID-19, 171 of whom are being treated in the state’s intensive care units. There 92 residents currently being treated with ventilators.

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