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WSS Elementary Crowns Punt, Pass And Kick Champions



Winners of the 12th annual Punt, Pass and Kick championships were crowned recently at White Sulphur Springs Elementary School during the first 9 weeks awards. One hundred and Thirty-Five (135) students in grades three through five competed during PE classes for school championships in Boys and Girls grade and overall categories. Students were allowed three tries each in punting, passing and kicking a football for distance and accuracy, with the highest total of all three winning the Grand Champion prize. Winners of the individual events were the longest and most accurate in each grade and sex category. “The two-week contest followed a teaching unit on football”, said WSSES PE teacher Tracy Asbury. “As you would expect, younger children do not know much about the game of football, but what amazed me most were the number of students that didn’t even know which end of the ball to hold onto when throwing a football”, he said. This was our 12th year for the contest and there were two new school records set.

The PE classes are now involved in 7 on 7 flag football games where each student is assigned a pass pattern to run. “Playing the games at the end of the unit really helped me evaluate how well the students grasped the instruction”, Asbury said. “I believe that most students are stigmatized by the perceived violence of football. Once we broke the game down into small chunks of information for them, they understood the finer points of football, not just the collisions”. Asbury concluded by saying “We are having some very competitive games in class, fun to watch.

Notable performances were third grader Henderson Bostic winning four events and setting a school record in the Punt at 76’4” topping the previous record from 2020. Colton Anderson, won three events in boys 4th grade, Caitlynn McMillion set a new mark for 4th grade girls Kicking 73’ and Mabel Bostic won three events in 5th grade contest. All students gave their very best effort and that is what the challenges at WSSES are all about. Whether you fall short or climb high, your effort tells the truth.

WSSES would like to dedicate this year’s Punt Pass and Kick contest to retired legendary GEHS wrestling Coach Brian Miluk. Coach Miluk adds the WV HOF to his TWO PREVIOUS HOF INDUCTIONS IN OHIO. A life lived happily leading our youth in the right direction!! THANKS COACH MILUK !!

2021 WSSE Punt Pass & Kick – Boys

Third Grade

Grand Champion: Henderson Bostic TOTAL- 218’

Punt Champion: Henderson Bostic 76’4” ***

Pass Champion: Henderson Bostic 70’5”

Kick Champion: Henderson Bostic 71’3”

***New School Record

Fourth Grade

Grand Champion: Colton Anderson TOTAL- 190’4”

Punt Champion: Colton Anderson 65’4”

Pass Champion: Logan Wyatt 62’4”

Kick Champion: Colton Anderson 71’

Fifth Grade

Grand Champion: Rylan Anderson TOTAL – 158’8”

Punt Champion: Braylen Calhoun 57’5”

Pass Champion: Tayson Harris 69’4”

Kick Champion: Rylan Anderson 60’3”

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