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Greenbrier County Courthouse News 10/28 – 11/2




Shawn Matthew Jones to Alesha Cheyenne Hoke.


David Coffman, Executor of the Floyed Clark Coffman Jr. estate;

Dorothea Huffman, Administratrix of the Diana Marcelle Miller estate;

Sharon Sparks, Executrix of the Roy Allen Sparks estate;

Donna Farlow, Executrix of the Donald Ray Farlow estate.

Land Transfers

Thanya Mercado to JNT Holdings Inc., Unit Number 37 White Gate, White Sulphur Corp District;

Erin Wease to Whitney Wease, Lot Number 41, White Sulphur Corp District;

Jasmine Properties LLC to John M Hirt, .999 acre, White Sulphur District;

Jason W Hedrick to Harvey J Whanger, Trustee of the Harvey Jacob Whanger Irrevocable Living Trust, 2.66 acres more or less, Irish Corner District;
Ashley Palmer to Randall Halcomb and Rosemary Halcomb, Lots 17 & 18, Fort Spring District;

Ledlie McKinney and Donna McKinney, Trustees of the Leslie and Donna McKinney Trust to Leslie and Donna McKinney Trust, 5,540 square feet more or less, Meadow Bluff District;

Robert J Hanna III and Lauren T Hanna to Justin Girardi and Kristle Girardi, 3.03 acres more or less, Lewisburg District;

Charles M Burr to Charles M Burr Living Trust, 161 acres more or less, Anthony Creek District;

Charles M Burr to Charles M Burr Living Trust, 122.93 acres, 121.90 acres & 14.53 acres more or less, White Sulphur District;

Edwin Ray Longanacre to Action Remodeling and Handyman Services LLC, 1.04 acres more or less, Irish Corner District;

Evelyn Winters Jenkins estate to Jacob Kessler Crist and Brynn Amber Alderman, Lots 1 & 2, White Sulphur District;

Autumn K Doolin Ensor to Mina Botross, Lot Number 10, Lewisburg District;

Brian Witt and Lori Brown to Jeremy Michael Parenti and Meredith Lindsey Parenti, 0.918 acres more or less, Anthony Creek District;

Deborah White to Griffin J King, Lot 2, Lewisburg District;

Michael Zimmerman and Robert Anderson to Phillip Surprenant, 5.108 acres more or less, Frankford District;

Walter Young to David Reed and Robert Wills and Carlan Frame II, 0.53 acre more or less, Frankford District;

Misty Landis to Marcus Hernandez Berry, Lot 41, Ronceverte Corp District;

Terri Bowen and Robert Bowen to Jay Orndorff, 0.20 acre, Meadow Bluff District;

John Deaton and Diana Deaton to Frank Leslie Van Deman and Stephanie Marie Van Deman, 1.654 acres more or less, Meadow Bluff District;

Jon Riffe to Riffe Insurance & Financial Services Inc. 2 Parcels, Rainelle Corp District;

Carl R Holmes and April Polzin-Holmes to Donald Moore Jr. and Stephanie Moore, 10.00 acres more or less, Fort Springs District;

James R Paris to Jose De Jesus Vazquez Sarracino and Diana Karen Medieta Garcia, Lot 25, White Sulphur Corp District;

Christopher Hinkey to Jeffrey G Davis and Robin M Davis, Lot 19, Lewisburg District;

Robert E Scruggs to Anna Scruggs, property, Rupert Corp District;

Martha E McClung to Wanda K Nunnery, 0.371 acres & 18,322 square feet, Rupert District;

Geneva Blankenship to Ralph Douglas Blankenship, 4.0 acres, Anthony Creek District;

Garrett Holliday and Daniel Ray Honaker to Amanda Butcher and Bradley Butcher, Lot 2, Frankford District;

Coastal Capital Partners LLC to James R Boothe and Karen L Boothe, Lot 22, White Sulphur District;

Glenn Alfred Bennett and Jane Frances Bennett to Irrevocable Living Trust, 22,838.32 square feet, White Sulphur District;

Roy Dodd and Shelby Dodd and Charlotte Morgan and Robert Deitz and Georgene Deitz to City of Lewisburg, 3 acres, 20.11 acres, 5 acres & 6.44 acres more or less, Lewisburg District;

Lois M Speiden to Marshall Woods and Sara Lamp, Lot Number 32, White Sulphur Corp District;

Randall C Fleshman and Cynthia Fleshman to Robert Sterkenburg and Deirdre Dunn and Jo Ashby, 0.816 acres, Frankford District.

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