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Pocahontas County Courthouse News 10/20 – 11/2






James Y Pritchard, Administrator of the Ida H Pritchard estate;

Barbara Ryder, Administratrix of the Ruby May Warner estate;

William E Moore Jr., Executor of the Maude Susan Moore estate;

Timothy A Jarrett, Ancillary Administrator of the Blanche L Jarrett estate;

Melissa Dawn Hill Doss, Executrix of the Richard Allen Hill estate;

David Ray Turner, Executor of the Jerry A Turner estate;

Sharon Anita Owens, Executrix of the Sidney Brent Moore estate;

Charles Michael Hedrick and Sarah Hedrick, Co-Executors of the Madeline Galford estate;

Patrick R Schaffner, Executor of the Annabelle Schaffner estate;

Gayle Maxine Moore, Executrix of the Charles Amos Moore estate;

Tatiana Mynuk, Executrix of the Grace Virginia Mynuk estate;

Eileen Kay Irvine, Executrix of the Jimmie D Irvine estate;

Curtis Lynn Murray, Administrator of the Kaylin Elizabeth Murray estate.

Land Transfers

Moneque A “Fowler” Puffenbarger to Sherry L Alderman, 4 acres, Edray District;

Charles A Appel and Stacie R Appel to Loudendale Properties LLC, Unit Number 1502-1504, Green Bank District;

Dustin Coleman and Theresa Dawn Coleman Fairchild to Theresa Dawn Fairchild, Unit 36, Edray District;

Earl Douglas estate and Sandra Poff, Executrix of the Earl Doulas estate to Kenton L Mick and Debbie J Mick, 4.94 acres, Green Bank District;

Barbara A McCarty and Ronald Gene McCarty to Abram Rittenhouse and Rebecca Rittenhouse, Parcel Number Four Containing 2 acres and 166 acres less out conveyances;

Donald B Doyle to Donald B Doyle and Belinda Doyle, Tract, Edray District;

Randall G Biller and Dale B Biller and Shirley Biller to Harry J Smith Jr. and Erica M Smith, 1.83 acres, Edray District;

Marla J Montgomery and Sue Montgomery Shears and Irene Montgomery Kerns to Emily C Stover and John Ashley Martin Stover, Lots 38, 39, 40, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 and 48, Green Bank District;

J Nicholas Barth and Thomas K Barth to John S Taylor and Pamela R Taylor, Unit 5206-08, Green Bank District;

Floors & More 4 Less Inc to Melanie Christopher and David Christopher, Unit 5401, Green Bank District;

Greene Properties Inc to Brian K Bausman, Unit Number 15, Edray District;

CJKBM LLC to James McCormick and Sarah McCormick, Trustees of the McCormick Living Trust, Lot Number 13, Edray District;

Kyle W Hall and Teresa Morrie to James Debellonia, Unit Number 201C, Edray District;

Dominic Raimondi, Trustee of the Dominic Raimondi Revocable Trust to SCSS LLC, Unit Number 5706, Green Bank District;

David W Dilley and Nicole A Dilley to Logan Dilley, 1.8 acres, Huntersville District;

Norman Walker and Tracey Lynn Walker to Kara Squires and Krystal Beers and Earle L Beers and Dalton Walker and Tracey Lynn Walker and Stefanie Rose Brown and Robert Frum and Harley Squires and Delano Marty Heyne and Gerald Walsh, right-of-way, 0.301 acres, Little Levels District;

Town of Marlinton to Doreen S Helton and James C Helton, Lots 13 & 14, an extension of Lot 18, section 4, Mountain View Cemetery, Edray District;

Lee Properties LLC to Pawikan Properties LLC, Unit Number 259, Edray District;

Lee Properties LLC to Mark A Jones and Alinda A Jones, Unit Number 321, Edray District;

Andrew Jordan and Becky Jordan to Harald Blaauw, Unit Number 301, Edray District;

Janet S Varner to Michael Carr, 0.19 acre, Edray District;

Stephen K Reed and Teresa S Reed to Craig A Gilson, 13.59 acres, Edray District;

Michael P Lester to Michael P Lester and Amber N Lester, 2.95 acres, Little Levels District;

Burke Williams and Jennifer Williams, Trustees of the Burke D and Jennifer L Burk Trust to Ryan T Lewkoski, Unit Number J35, Green Bank District;

Lee Properties LLC to Kenneth E Criner and Amy Criner, Unit Number 262, Edray District;

Benjamin D Gay and Sandra A Gay to Jarrell L Clifton and Linda Clifton and Selina Gay, 176.0 square feet, Edray District;

Richard L Huffman to Richard L Huffman Trust, Parcel I: 8.50 acres, Parcel II: 3 acres, Green Bank District;

Hominy LLC to Wolverton Farms Inc, Tract #1: 6.45 acres, Tract #2: 2.29 acres, Edray District;

James Scharf Jr. to TCB Legacy Foundation LLC, Parcel A: 3,522 square feet, Parcel B: 9,517 square feet, Edray District;

Susan Marie Wilson to Ernest Wolfe, 5 acres, Edray District;

Mark Thompson to Mandy D Burns, 1 acre, Green Bank District;

Tammy Pearson to Resolution Real Estate Services LLC, 1 acre, Huntersville District;

Vickey A Hook to Birthright Family LP, Unit Number 2301, Green Bank District;

Off Grid Acres LLC to Adam Craten, 10.2 acres, Little Levels District;

Tips Up LLC to David Ellenberger and Lauren Ellenberger, Unit Number 202, Edray District;

Scott J Allen to Scott J Allen and Michelle Rinehart and Michael Richards and Preston Allen, Lot G, Green Bank District;

Jimmie B Seckman Sr. to Thomas L Vandevender and Miranda D Vandevender, Lots 6 & 7, Green Bank District;

Robin Visintin to Regina Reynolds, Unit Number 310A, Edray District;

Donald Brent Ownes, Trustee of Revocable Trust to Byran C Pugh, Tract One: 112.5 acres, Tract Two: 1.72 acres, Tract Three: Lot C, Green Bank District;

Earl D Friel and Tamara Friel to Cade N Walker, Lots 4 & 5, Edray District;

Meleah Badoly and Justyn E Brading to Lynette Doolittle, Tract I: 0.8 acres, Tract II: 0.2 acres, Green Bank District;

Linda Wilfong Sharp to Gary Sharp and Carmen Sharp and Linda Wilfong Sharp Life Estate, 0.51 acres, Edray District;

Linda Sue Sharp to Gary Sharp and Carmen Sharp, .55 acres, Edray District;

Rocky Swies and Arelis De La Torre to Jean Baptiste Okey and Callie Okey, Unit Number 23, Edray District;

Richard Bruce Ferguson and Pamela Jane Ferguson to Bernys Family Revocable Trust, 3.11 acres, Edray District;

Byron C Freeland and Kathryn A Freeland to Patch of Heaven Properties LLC, Unit Number 320, Edray District.

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