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Committee Passes Redistricting Bill to the House



The Select Committee on Redistricting met today at 12 pm. Changes to the originating redistricting bill were discussed.

The first change involved 48th district, originally included a portion of Nicholas, all Webster, and a portion of Pocahontas. The updated map does not include Pocahontas and now includes a portion of Greenbrier County. The portion that includes the Route 20 corridor. The change was made due to community interest. The change also prevents Pocahontas from being split three ways.

The second change involved districts 74, 75, and 76. In Marion County, the change was made between district 75 and 76. The new map helps county clerks with precinct changes in 75. Monongalia County also received changes to help stay with current precinct lines, which helps county clerks.

The third change involved the 20th district. In Putnam County, lines were close to current precinct lines, so the new map moves the district line to help county clerk.

The fourth change involves district 25. In Cabell County, a request was made to include more blocks in downtown part of Huntington.

The fifth change involves district 57, part of Kanawha County. The new map moves South Charleston High School into the district since the goal of this district was to put south Charleston and Dunbar in same district because they attend the same high school.

The sixth change involves one census block in Lincoln County. Due to community interest, the new map lines to put Atenville in the same district as Harts, because the people in Atenville must drive through Harts to vote.

The seventh change involves Elkins in Randolph County. A request made to adjust lines to keep current communities together.

The originating bill passed the committee and will be reported to House.

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