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Pajama Drive Looks To Cloth Cold Kids



A fall pajama drive is aiming to keep White Sulphur Springs kids warm for the winter months.

Marolyn Williams is one of the drive’s organizers and founders. She explained that, years ago, after seeing a number of kids needing warm clothes to sleep in at night, herself and members of the Whatcoat United Methodist Church decided to take action.

“I knew a lot of kids and I’ve seen them [be] financially not in good shape,” said Williams. “They needed something warm for the winter, so we do it in the fall every year. We start out with the preschool to fifth grade. I’m doing it from the 10th of October to the 7th of November. It’s probably my fourth or fifth year doing it.”

In the same spirit as Jim’s Drive In’s take a coat, leave a coat drive, physical donations of children’s pajamas are what Williams is seeking.

“The elderly ladies all ask me if I would help [the kids] out,” Williams explained. “They give me money, and I put it towards the pajamas. It all goes to pajamas. I’ve been averaging around 35 or 40 sets every year.”

With many of the kids attending White Sulphur Springs Elementary School, the drive is a way the community is looking out for its own.

“The principal told me the other day that there were some leftover from last year,” Williams said. “That’s why they could use the small ones more than the larger ones. [Those looking to donate] should bring [donations] to the Whatcoat church. I live across from the church and if they want to put it on the door, I’ll see it from right across the road to pick it up. They can [also] contact me, Marolyn Williams, [at] 304-536-3164. If they can’t bring a donation, call me and I’ll come get them.”

Financial donations as well as clothing donations are also accepted. In addition, those that attend Whatcoat can bring donations directly to service.

Williams excitedly remembered last year’s pajama delivery, getting the sleep wear to kids that could get them before.

“They are peas in the pod when you take the boxes over. Some of them will come out and help me take the boxes in and they’re tickled to death. I enjoy doing it.”

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