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Dear Recycle Lady: Thursday, September 9



Dear Recycle Lady,

Last week you mentioned Bees Wraps as an alternative to small plastic bags. What are Bees Wraps and how are they used. — Like New Products

Dear Like New Products,

According to, Bees Wraps are made from 100% organic cotton sheets infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. They are washable in cool water and reusable, as well as biodegradable. Bees Wraps feel waxy and are an eco-friendly way to store food in a bowl using the heat of your hands to press the wrap around the bowl. They come in several sizes and can be made into a bag, as well as a cover for a container. I have several wraps that I have used many times and the more I use them, the more pliable they become. Directions say to wash the wraps and dry, then scrunch them up several times. This makes the wraps very pliable and great to use. Caution — do not wash Bees Wraps in hot water as it will melt the wax.

Dear Recycle Lady,

Does Greenbrier Recycling Center recycle old cellphones? Caller

Yes, old cellphones can be recycled at the Recycling Center with electronics. When you are at the center go to the door for aluminum cans and put the phone in the yellow basket by the aluminum can door. According to, for every million cell phones recycled, 3,500 lbs. of copper and 75 lbs. of gold can be recovered and reused. Plus. when electronics are recycled not only are valuable resources recycled but toxic materials are disposed of properly and e-wastes are reduced.

Dear Recycle Lady,

What is a Green Hotel? — Traveler

Dear Traveler,

Green Hotels are hotels that have achieved a certificate of sustainability. However, some are greener than others. There are LEED-certified buildings that are constructed with sustainability. There are hotels that have made green improvements and hotels that give back by volunteering or making donations. Unfortunately, there are some hotels that use greenwashing techniques to appear to be green but are not. Earth911 says that a few major hotel chains have shown a concerted effort to green their operations, including Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and Starwood Hotels. There are numerous certification programs available to help travelers choose accommodations, including Green Globe, Green Key Global, Travelife. Earth Check, and GreenLeaders. Go to living/green for more information.

Good News: Kudos to West Virginia and the Appalachian Botanical Company. A former strip mine in Boone County is being reclaimed by the Appalachian Botanical Company by growing lavender and raising bees on the former mining site. The buds and stems of the lavender are converted into essential oils, honey, body lotion, and other products. Not only are they creating jobs in an economically distressed area, but they are also putting 70 acres of former strip mines back to good use and cleaning up the environment.

Have questions about recycling, or interesting information about recycling? Send questions or requests to . Dear Recycle Lady is sponsored jointly by the Greenbrier Recycling Center and Greenworks Recycling.

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