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Richlands Ruritans Learn About Meadow River Valley



The Richlands Ruritans club met on Wednesday, May 12 at the Calvary Methodist Church in the Richlands community. The featured speaker for the dinner meeting was David M. Lumsden of the Meadow River Community Association.

The Meadow River Community Association was formed after the floods of 2016 that devastated the local communities along the Meadow River. The association covers the areas of Eastern Fayette County and Western Greenbrier County. Working with the Long-Term Disaster Recovery Committee, which is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the association seeks to rebuild the local community services and expand these services to encompass a greater part of the Meadow River Valley citizens.

The association has repurposed the old Rupert Elementary School to provide services such as senior living facilities, early childhood development and medical services. Other projects underway are expanded recreation trails, and assistance in rebuilding local businesses.

Other Ruritan business conducted at the meeting was to promote the Pesticide Recycling project on May 15, and approve the proposal to fund a scholarship at the Greenbrier 4-H Camp.

The Richlands Ruritans club meets on the second Wednesday of each month for a dinner meeting at the Calvary Methodist Church on Route 60W. The Ruritan Civic organization is a national network of clubs working together for a stronger America. The Ruritans’ focus is to support community services in small towns and rural communities across America. The Ruritans were founded in 1928 in Holland, Virginia and celebrated their 92nd year last May. The Richlands Ruritans Club provides scholarships to local college students and 4-H campers and maintains Tuckwiller Park.

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