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Dear editor,

As Memorial Day comes and goes, I choose not to focus on Vice President Harris’s now infamous tweet, where she could only offer up an “Enjoy the long weekend” as her Memorial Day Statement.

Instead, I choose to focus on the fact that an average of 22 veterans and active duty military personnel each day commit suicide. I focus on the fact that our school systems are not adequately teaching our kids the sacrifices and lives given to preserve our American way of life. I focus on how, one year ago, in the midst of the outbreak of Coronavirus, it was the first time, in many of our lifetimes, where we realized that our freedoms were truly in jeopardy. The nature of sacrifice is now a foreign concept to many Americans. Patriotism and honor is dying out quickly as we start to lose the Greatest Generation.

My prayer for this Memorial Day is collective respect, understanding, and love for what it truly means to have access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our brave men and women who died fighting for our nation’s tenets of freedom and our values SHALL NOT have died in vain. The time is now to reclaim the victory over tyranny on the homefront.

The battle for freedom never ends. The burden of carrying on the fight is passed from generation to generation. Let patriotism imbue our hearts again, and let us honor those who gave us the BLESSED OPPORTUNITY to defend this great nation, where in God we still must trust.

President Calvin Coolidge: “They [our fallen heroes] have bequeathed to us the rarest, richest heritage which was ever bestowed upon any people. Their memory speaks to us always, reminding us of what we have received from them and of our duty to dedicate ourselves to its preservation and perfection.”

It’s not too late to preserve our nation we hold dear for the generations to come. Stand Tall America, and thank you, God, for those who fell defending her. I hope you all had a blessed Memorial Day Weekend. God Bless America.

Benton L. Anderson,

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