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White Sulphur Springs Public Library To Host Batman



The White Sulphur Springs Public Library is hosting a free program given by John Buckland as Batman, on Wednesday, June 9, starting at 2 p.m.
“His bold and inspiring presentation will include an opportunity to take a photograph with the Caped Crusader and his Batmobile. As Batman, Mr. Buckland speaks to young and old alike about the importance of overcoming the challenges life will give you. The talk will include a reading of his youth empowerment book, ‘Broken Toy Hero.’ Signed copies of the book will be available for ten dollars. Mr. Buckland is part of the [Heroes-4-Higher] Foundation,” according to an announcement from the WSS Library.
The superhero’s visit to the library is in conjunction with the annual summer reading program which will include in-person weekly programs and rewards for reading.
“Broken Toy Hero” is described as the “inspirational story of Pheonix The Toy’s struggle with being mistreated and how she rises up to overcome the pain and change the lives of other toys and kids around her. Youth face many difficult and painful situations today. It is important that we reach them at an early age to inspire them through the difficult times that lay ahead, while teaching them principles that will guide them through the tough times so they can achieve the greatness that they deserve.”
“Broken Toy Hero” is richly illustrated by Geremy Woods.
Like Buckland’s Batmobile, “Broken Toy Hero” is another vehicle “designed to inspire children that they can overcome the tough times in life and teach them four solid truths to walk in everyday so that they can achieve greatness. The story will also help children to be sensitive to the struggles of others and motivated to help them also.”
Lessons Buckland learned the hard way – by making major life mistakes on the heels of a grueling past enduring physical, emotional and sexual abuse, which lead him to addictions, failed relationships, violent crimes and incarceration in a maximum security prison.
“The inspiration of the idea [for Heroes-4-Higher] came to fruition after my return home from Iraq as a firefighter with the department of defense,” Buckland explains. “Upon returning home it seemed the news was saturated with stories of youth in crisis. I was determined to help make a difference in all of the troubles that our youth face in their lives. Issues of bullying, drugs, broken homes, abuse of all types plague our children. These issues are very personal to me, as I was a victim of many of these issues myself growing up.”
As well as library reading programs, Buckland dons his Batman cape and mask, and climbs inside the Batmobile to bring his message to area schools and other outreach venues.
Heroes-4-Higher is an organization which began in September 4, 2012. The name is based on the principle that it teaches four points – 1) never give up; 2) always do the right thing; 3) help other people; and 4) never be a bully – to take the children, the real heroes, to a higher level. The mission of H4H is to inspire children to be the hero. The outreach is active in drug rehab facilities, youth behavioral health programs, foster care systems and grief counseling, churches, schools, college empowerment events, entire community events, the city mission, domestic violence shelters and programs, and anywhere else people need hope. More information can be found at John Buckland – Heroes4higher (get-card.com).
More information on “Broken Toy Hero” can be found at card.get-card.com/john-buckland/.
Contact the White Sulphur Springs Public Library at 304-536-1171, or visit its Facebook page, for additional information about Batman’s visit or its summer reading program.
The Alderson Public Library is also hosting Batman with his Batmobile on Wednesday, June 9, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. to kick off its summer reading program. Call 304-445-7221, or visit the Alderson Public Library Facebook page for more information and upcoming events.

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