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Billy Richard Crookshanks and Rona Kimberly Schulrud;

Ryan Austin Lilly and Brookelyn Mae Cole;

Timothy Eugene Sanders and Mary Ellen Comtois.


Michelle Lynn Bennett, Executrix of the Susan Diana McDaniel estate;

Ola C. Cox and Oretha C. Miller, Co-Executrix of the Alvin S. Carter estate.

Land Transfers

Wilmington Savings Fund FSB trustee of Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust by Attorney-in-fact Carrington Mortgage Services LLC. to U.S. Bank Trust National Association Trustee for American Homeowner Preservation Trust Series AHP Servicing, 1.77 acres more or less, Wolf Creek District, Map 32;

Kandace Gravley Stroupe FKA Kandance Lee Dora Gravley and Clintina Loise Gravley to Gerald Richardson and Judy Richardson, 30 acres more or less with exceptions, Red Sulphur District, Map 27, Parcel 27.00;

Clara Mann Estate to Loren K. Mann and Sharon A. Mann, 3 ¼ acres, Springfield District, Map 25, Parcel 39.00;

Patricia Ann Nichols to Charles E. Lambert, 4 acres more or less, Red Sulphur District, Map 7, Parcel 8.30;

Scott B. Mason and Tracy Mason to Roger David Copeland and Sandra Kay Copeland, 2.27 acres more or less, Springfield District, Map 26, Parcel 49.04;

Jeffrey D. Clarkson and Gerald D. Clarkson to Cales K. Morgan, 11.02 acres more or less, Sweet Springs District, Map 23, Parcel 10.10;

Vance R. Golden III Trustee to Fifth Third Bank, 32,040 square feet, Red Sulphur District, Map 29, Parcel 24.00;

Lamer E. Lankford and Tara Nicole Lankford to Hunter D. Lankford, 1 acres more or less, Red Sulphur District, Map 6, Parcel 21.00;

John H. Pennington and Connie Pennington to Kevin Bishop and Emily Bishop, one lot, Red Sulphur District, Map 28, Parcel 61.00;

Bobby J. Bennett to Michelle L. Bennett, 1.00 acre more or less, Wolf Creek District, Map 3, Parcel 13.00;

Edward M. Stacks and Cynthia Stacks to Tracey E. Boggs and Sandra L. Ewing, 0.976 acres, Second Creek District, Map 24, Parcel 18.00;

Shania Desplaines and Carl Andrew Desplaines to Gregory S. Yost and Cathy S. Yost, Lot no. 30 of the Fountain Springs Development, Red Sulphur District, Map 34, Parcel 105.00.

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