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Lewisburg City Council Considers Code Updates



By Bobby Bordelon

In addition to the first reading of a medical cannabis ordinance and COVID-19 preparations, Lewisburg City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance updating the city code during their Tuesday, March 19, meeting.

“Some of [the updates] have been around for a while, just things that we’ve been waiting to not do them piecemeal,” Faulkner explained. “Some of them were born of me pushing employees to look through things and sections that pertain to their work. I know at least a little bit about all of the changes in here – I’ve met with [City Attorney] Tom White twice and varying members of our staff. … For the most part they’re either being pushed by a rule that’s come down and we’re no longer allowed to do it that way, we just don’t operate that way anymore, or there’s a couple of instances where fees are changing. Those are with our building code violations and those just reflect how long it’s been [since they’ve been changed].”

Read more in the Friday, March 20, 2020, edition of The West Virginia Daily News.

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