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Legal Notices Keep Readers Informed



By Bobby Bordelon

Amid coverage of government, courts, public interest, and people of Greenbrier and Monroe counties, a newsroom can sometimes miss important information that the public should be informed about. This is part of the reason for legal announcements in the classified sections of both massive, national newspapers and smaller, local newspapers.

For example, in today’s edition of The West Virginia Daily News, a notice from the town of Alderson spells out the specifics of the recently passed water rate increase, including the previous rates, new rates, the increase percentage, number of customers, annual approximate increase in revenue, and much more. This information provides Alderson residents with a full breakdown of the increase, allowing them to plan in more technical detail than often is included in regular coverage of City Council meetings.

Read more in the Tuesday, November 19, 2019, edition of the West Virginia Daily News.

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